Sunday, January 04, 2015

Welcoming the New Year 2015 with Blessings of Thriple Gems

Old Rajans Scout Association together with 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Association organized a Pirith Chanting Ceremony on 3rd January followed by the alms giving to maha sanga on 4th to mark the beginning of calender year 2015. 

Both Pirith and Alms Giving ceremony were participated by maha sanga from Asgiri Maha Pririwen Viahara and the maha sanga serving at Dharmaraja College.

Mr. S.M. Keerthirathana, the Principal of Dharmaraja College, Mr. Manjula Wijesiriwardena, Group Scout Leader of 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout group, newly appointed ORSA office bearers together with scouts of  Grade 11R were present at the ceremony.

Beginning of the year Pirith and Alms giving a very first activity of both 1st Kandy Dharmaraja scouts and ORSA for many years now.

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