Monday, January 28, 2013


A special meeting of Dharmaraja College Old Boys Union (OBU) officials with the RISGO 2013, Rajans International Scout Gathering of Centennial 2013, organizing committee was held yesterday (27th Jan) at the Sri D.B. Jayathilake Hall of Dharamraja College.

At the meeting main office bears of the OBU were extended their fullest cooperation to hold the RISGO 2013 successfully. Members of the OBU branches consisting of “91 Group”, “94 Group”, “95 Group”, “97 Group”, etc were participated in the meeting with their sponsorships. RISGO officials greatly appreciated the participation of branch officials of OBU at the meeting.

At the meeting both “94 Group” and “95 Group” donated Rs.100000.00 each for RISGO 2013 fund. 

ORSA extend gratitude to all the groups who participated at the meeting and specially for the groups made contributions to RISGO 2013 fund. 

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