Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Cricket Fiesta 2012

The 6 a Side 10 Overs Cricket Tournament organized by Rajans President's Scouts Guild was successfully held on 30th September 2012 at Lake View Park grounds with the participation of 150 participants including Guild Members, Old Rajans and Old Scouts, members of Kandy District President Scouts and President Guides Association(PSPG).

This cricket tournament was held in order to develop the mutual understanding and harmony.
The Kandy PSPG team (team no.02) and Old Rajans Scout team were selected to the finals out of 10 teams played in the tournament and the Kandy PSPG team was able win the Champion showing their energetic and sporty performances.

Presidents scout Eshan Palipana from Rajans Presidents Scouts Guild played for SUPER T6 Team judged as the Best Bowler while Presidents Scout Vimukthi Bandara from same  team awarded with the Best Batsman title.
Presidents Scout A.T Hibshy from Trinity College who played for Kandy PSPG Team won the  Best All Rounder title.

In this colorful event Old Rajans Presidents Scouts Lt.Colonel Epshitha Dissanayaka and Lt.Colonel Uditha Wijesekara attended as the Chief Guests.

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