Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Dear All,

This is a current situation update about “PANCHA THURREYA FOLK SHOW”.
Sponsor Ships:
- Our old scout Dr Palitha Rathnayaka has been contributed for print the “PANCHA THURREYA FOLK SHOW”. tickets, as per the request of our President Dr Jagath Herath.

- Our old scout Mr. Eranda Rajapaksha has been sponsored for the felicitation. It arranged by Mr. Aruna Gunasinha.

- Our old boy Mr. Vipula Hettearachchi (Dumbara Super) and our old boy Mr. Channa Jayasuriya ( Jayasuriya Optical) have been Sponsored for 6' X 8' “PANCHA THURREYA” Flex (Cut-outs). This sponsorships was arranged by our senior old scouts Mr. Saminda Basnayaka and Mr. Sadara Thennakon.

- Our Old boy Mr. Anupiya Nikahatiya gave us open sponsorship and our old boy Mr. Channa Nishshanka has been sponsored for print the “PANCHA THURREYA” posters. Both of this sponsorships arranged by our senior old scout Mr. Saminda Basnayaka.
Following sponsorships are required.
Elec.Genarator: Rs.7,500.00

Felicitation : Rs. 2,500.00

Decoration: Rs.5,000.00

Snack & Dinner:Rs.25,000.00
Breakfast & Lunch: Rs. 8000.00
Co-Sponsor : Rs. 100,000.00


- Our advertisement committee received three, black & wight advertisements from, NACCO, Sachin Distributors and DSL Enterprises arranged by our old scout Mr. Rohan Wejarathna.

- Our old scout Mr. Dammika Seriwardhana has been agreed to provide an advertisement for our Souvenir outer back page worth of Rs. 25000/=

- We received another two advertisements from Green Guest (black & wight) and Luke Concert (color), It contacted and arranged by Dr. Jagath Herath.

- PENTIUM 2000 offered us a colour advertisement, arranged by senior old scout Mr. Saminda Basnayaka.

- Old scout Mr. Gihan Kolamunna arranged a one black & wight advertisement.

- An advertisement from PC Mart (black & wight), arranged by old scout Mr. Wasantha Ekanayaka.

Up to date, our advertisement committee received Rs. 47,000.00 worth of confirmed
advertisements. We are much behind of our advertisement income (Rs. 103, 000.00). Please give your maximum support to our “Advertisement committee” to collecting advertisements. Souvenir committee need to send the souvenir to print before 20th Feb.2011. Please send your advertisement on or before that day.

Please contact;
Old scout Mr. Darshana Samararathna (Head of “Advertisement Committee” ) - 077 3 041 635
Old scout Mr. Saliya Dahanayake. - 077 3 950 186
Old scout Mr. Asith Edirisuriya. - 072 8 829 812
If you need any sponsorship request letters please contact;
Old scout Mr. Chaminda Somathilaka - 071 6 161 570
We received two banners up to now. One from COMMERCIAL BANK – Contacted by old scout Mr. Jaliya Pagoda. And other one from Selan Bank – contacted by old scout Mr. Aruna Degala.

Our target income from banners is Rs. 75,000/=. We are Rs. 65,000/= behind of our target. Please kindly help to the Banners committee to find banners and collect them before 23rd Feb. 2011. If you any contact to find a banner please contact;
Old scout Mr. Aruna Deegala (Head of “Banners Committee” ) - 071 8 322 339
Old scout Mr. Amila Vithanaarchi. 077 3 163 344
If you need any banner request letters please contact;
Old scout Mr. Chaminda Somathilaka - 071 6 161 570

Media Team:

We lucky to announce about full print media (News Paper) sponsorship from Rivera & Nation news papers. Old scout Chaminda Wariyagoda were worked on it and got this successes news.

On behalf of the "PANCHA THURREYA FOLK SHOW" Organising Committee,
Gayan Gunawardhana

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