Monday, January 03, 2011

Foreign participation in RISGO 2013

For the RISGO Centennial 2013, Organizing committee planning to get participation from as many as counties who doing scouting.

There are more than 100 countries.

In order to accomplish this big challenge, Organizing committee introduced a Invitation programme with a sponsorship.

Anyone can join to this programme, and can sponsor for a country contingent.

So far, Following are the joined colleagues.

  • Sarath Mathararachchi - Maldives
  • Shantha Madurawa - Australia
  • Pujitha Dharmarathne - U.A.E

ORSA wants to thanks for their contribution.

At the same time, ORSA further wants your help, to Success this big challenge.

So any one likes to join, please contact Gayan Gunawardena on 0714179877 or email us.

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