Thursday, September 23, 2010

Annual One Day Trip 2010

The Annual One day trip has been one of the major events of the ORSA's calendar for last few years. This years event happened on last Saturday(18th Sep 2010). The event is organized annually by the ORSA to give all the members and their families a fun full but valuable ....and of cause very memorable time.

This year it is a rear chance to visit under construction "Upper Kothmale" Power plant site. The journey began from Kandy Scout Headquarters and about 30 members took part in the event with their loved once(altogether 50 participants).

On our way to Kothmale, it was full of singing and snacks. Once we reach their it was full of information.... technicalities, tunnels, water streams, geography, maps....also presentation and the explanations.....

Full credit goes to the main organizer of the event, our own A. I .B. Agalawatta for organizing the event and doing it in great style (also to his parents).

Then on our way back Agalawatta malli was very generously explained us historical locations around the Kotmale area.

The lunch was organized at the "Kothmale Holiday Resort", but all members enjoyed the "Rugby on the Pool" more than the Food.

Once again the highlight of the day was the unity of all our members and sportiveness.

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