Friday, June 19, 2009

ORSA Celebrating the Founders day

This year, ORSA organizing the following events to celebrate the Founders day of Dharmaraja College.

Dhamma program - Based on the topic “Gratitude”

Conducting By Ven Mahanuwara Medankara Thero, who is an OldRajan as well.

Date: Sunday 28th June 2009
Time: From 4.30pm onwards
Venue: College Budhu Medurura

Annual Alms Giving

Annual Alms Giving organized by the Old Rajans Scout Association to Maha Sanga will be held in Asgiriya Maha Viharaya for a 100 bikkhu's.

Date: Monday 29th June 2009
Time: from 10am onwards
Venue: Asgiriya Maha Viharaya

ORSA would appreciate your contributions on this endeavor.
Please contact Namal on 0777233361 if you wish to contribute.

Source: Eranda Rajapakshe

8th Committee meeting of the ORSA

8th Committee meeting of the ORSA will be held on Saturday 20th June, 2009 at 5.00pm on OBU Headquarters , Kandy.

Source: Eranda Rajapakshe