Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Lake View Park Development and Dharmaraja Scout Centenary Celebrations Meeting

1st July 2006, Lake View Park International –Dharmaraja College Kandy

The ORSA officials met with The Principal Of Dharmaraja College, The Group Scout Leader of Dharmaraja Scouts today at the Lake View to discuss the plan leading to the centenary celebrations on year 2013 and the development of the Lake View Park International Scout Centre.

During this preliminary meeting following plans were drawn, which were to be discussed in detail later.

95th Anniversary Celebrations on 2008- A leadership and adventure course aimed at the best scouts in Sri Lanka

100th Anniversary celebrations 2013 - To hold a mega event with participation from all the countries in the world.

To build up a fund of Rs 1 Mn aiming the 100th anniversary celebrations.

To plan the Lake View Park and identify different stages to be completed annually, aiming the 100th anniversary to improve the Park to International Standards.

Also the funding for Lake View Park development was also discussed.

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