Monday, April 10, 2006

The Sinhala Hindu New Year Festival of the Old Rajans Scout Association

4.00pm Sunday, 9th April 2006 @ Elephant Walk Inn, Gannoruwa

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The annual Sinhala-Hindu New Year Festival of the ORSA held at elephant Walk Inn, Gannrouwa on 9th April 2006.

This year the participation was around 120 with members their families and supporters. It was encouraging to witness members who are residing far away as Colombo participated for the festival.

The event started with lighting of the Traditional Oil Lamp by Old Rajan Mr Lalith Dharmasena – Director Nikado Enterprises (Owner of Elephant Walk Inn) followed by opening of the Arudu Tea Table.

Then the competitions started at the play ground.

1. Kana Mutti (Hit the pot - blindfold) – Children, Ladies
2. Eye the Elephant – Billfold
3. Count the seeds of Papaya
4. Bun Eating
5. Running – Under 7,13,15 Ladies, Gents
6. Pass The egg for couples
7. Musical Chairs – Children, Ladies
8. Hurdles for Children
9. Tug of War - Children, Ladies, Gents
10. Fancy Dress Parade
11. Segavunu Amutta Sevima(Find the Invisible Guest)
12. The Biggest Belly for Gents

After the competitions the prize presentation ceremony started.

After the presentation the President and the Secretary addressed the gathering and invited all to participate for the Karoke Competition and to join the Dinner.

The Karaoke competition was a novel idea of the organizers which was a quite surprise for the participants.

The party concluded around 10.00pm after the dinner.

Congratulations for the organizers, Saliya – Naml and the gang for organizing a memorable event.

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