Sunday, February 05, 2006

The ORSA Proudly Presents the Sa Prsanga the Solo Musical Programme By Victor Rathnayaka

The ORSA organizes The "SA Prsanga" a well known solo musical show by The Veteran Artist Victor Rathnayake on Saturday 4th March 2006 at the Dharmaraja College Auditorium at 6.30pm.

The "SA Prsanga" is a well renowned solo classical musical programme by Mr Victor Rathnayake which has been staged over 1300 times in Sri Lanka and worldwide.

The objective of the project is to raise funds for the Lake View Park Development fund.

We invite our members to participate in the event by collecting sponsorships for the offcial souveniour, banners and etc to make the event a sucess.

The show tickets are on sale now and priced at Rs 1,000- , Rs 750-, Rs 500- and Rs 250-

For ticket reservations contact Ruwan on 0773 154473.

Please contact Sumind Vithanarachchi - Project Manager (0777 841542)or Ruwan on 0773 154473 if you need any details.

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