Friday, January 20, 2006

The ORSA Committee Meeting at Kotmale

Janury 15th Sunday 2006

The ORSA committee meeting this time turn on to be a day trip. The sponsor for the the meeting was Lt Col S S Gunawardena who invited the committee to have the meeting at Kotmale Army Camp.

The ex co members arrived at Kotmale by the special bus organized by Mr S S Gunawardena and the young members enjoyed on the way by a sing song sesstion. Since this was a special meeting most of the exco members were present with their families. The former Group Scout Leader and Patron of Old Scouts Association Mr Bandara Weerasekera was also present.

The crew arrived at the Kotmale Army camp at around 11am. The members were taken in to the Auditorium for the meeting while the kids and wives visited the Kotmale Dam and reservoir.

The auditorium was well arranged for the meeting.The meeting was very active the major point was the bpropsed fund raising project.It was decided to hold the fund raising project The SA Prasnga By Victor Rathnayake on 4th March 2006, and the preliminary preparations were discussed.

After the meeting the members and the families went on to visit the Mahaweli Seya a massive Pagoda under construction nearby. The Pagoda is being built on a hill top and on completion it was told that it will be only second to Ruwan Weli Seya – Anuradhapura. The Site Manger also emphasized that the construction work needs a further Rs 1billion for completion and requested members to promote the Pagoda and help the building fund.

Then the lunch was served at the Officers mess at the Camp by Mr S S Gunawaredena for the members and the families.

After Lunch the members got on to the bus for the return journey.

Very special thanks go to Lt Col S S Gunawardena for organizing this memorable event.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Pirith and Dhana at Lake View Park International Scout Centre

Lake View Park International Scout Centre – 7 & 8th Janury 2006

For the past several years the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group and the Old Rajans Scout Association started off their calenders with obtaining blessings from Maha Sanga and offering Dhana.

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Keeping with the tradition the Group continued the Pririth and Dhana ceremony on 7& 8th Of January 2006 at the Lake View Park International Scout center, Dharmaraja College, Kandy.

The Den building was arranged for the Pririth Preaching and was decorated with lights. The preaching started on the early evening and continued for about 2 hours.

The Principal, Group Scout Leader, Scouts, members of Old Rajans Scout Association, Parents and well wishers were present at the event.

The next Day morning the scouts were busy preparing the Adventure Cabin for the offering of Dhana. Mr Asith Edirisooriya of the Old Rajans Scout Association took the challenge of organizing the Dhana as the past years, The college scout group and the Old Rajans Scouts gave him the fullest cooperation.

The event started off with Maha Sanga arriving at around 11.15am. Around 100 College Boys, Scout and Old Scout were present at the event.

The event was jointly organized by the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group and the Old Rajans Scout Association. Appreciations to the organizing committee for organizing a successful event.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The 2nd Ex.Committee Meeting ORSA- Sunday 15th January 2006

The 2nd Executive Committee meeting will be held at Kothmale on Sunday the 15th of January 2006, together with a fellowship lunch.

The Meeting and the get together is sponsored by Mr S S Gunawardena.

Please Call Mr Kithsiri Kulasuriya(President) - 0777 478292 , Mr Aloka Perera(Secretary)- 0714 215506, Mr Suminda Vithanaarachchi(Treasurer)- 0777 841542 for more details.

All Ex co members please be present

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Prirth & Dhana at Lake View Park International

Date/s: Saturday the 7th January, 2006 & Sunday the 8th January, 2006

A Prirth and Dhana Ceremenoy is scheduled to start the annnual programme of the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group.

Venue - Lake View Park International Scout Centre- Dharmaraja College, Kandy

The Prith preaching will commence at 5pm on the 7th Saturday Janury 2006 and will end after 1-2 hours.

The Dhana (Alms Giving) ceremonyt will be held at the same venue on 8th Sunday January 2006 at 10.30am.

The event is jointly organised by 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group and the ORSA.

All are invited to partcipate.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The 27th AGM Of The Old Rajans Scout Association 2005

The 27th AGM Of The Old Rajans Scout Association 2005

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The AGM of the Old Rajans Scout Association was held at Crystal Gate Reception Hall Ampitiya on 12th November 2005 at 7pm. It followed the Annul Parents and Old Scouts Day Ceremony of The 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group, which was held at Dharmaraja College Auditorium on same day evening.

The event received a memomorable participation over 150 mainly due to the influx of new members. The Chief Guest for the Old Scouts and Parents Day Mr Vijith Malagoda The Assistant Solicitor General a Old and an Old Scout whoand aChif Guset was scedued to attend the AGM as the Chief Guest but had to leave for Colombo for an urgent commitment.

Mr Badnara Weerasekera – Former Group Scout Leader, Mr Shantha Madurawa – Assistant Cvhief Commissioner Sri Lanka and Distrcit Commissioner Kandy, Mr Sarath Matharaarachi – Group Scout Leader and Assistant District Commissioner – Kandy and many other distinguished Old Scouts were present.

The highlight of the evening was the presenting felicitation souvenirs to veterans of the Old Rajans Scout Association. The following Veterans were felicitated at the ceremony.

Mr Anura Muwandeniya

Mr Jayasena

Mr N Jayawardena

Mr Sarath AMatharaarachchi

The Agenda was as follows.

  • Scout Oath
  • Welcome Address by The President Mr Sadara Thennakoon
  • Minutes Of the Previous AGM By The Secretary Mr Kithsiri Kulasuriya
  • Summarised Annual Report by The Secretary
  • Annual Income and Expenditure Report by The Treasurer Mr Upul Dayananda
  • Suggestions and New Proposals
  • Felicitating the veterans of Old Scout Association
  • Address by The Group Scout Leader Mr Sartha Matharaarachci
  • Address by The Asst Chief Commissioner Mr Shantha Madurawa
  • Address by The Principal Mr S Keerthirathne
  • Nominating the Next Years Executive Committee
  • Address by the New President Mr Kirthsiri Kulasuriya
  • Address by the New Secretary Mr Aloka Perera
  • Fellowship Dinner

A two-piece band backed the fellowship dinner and the members entertained themselves by dancing and singing. Especially new members had a great time. The fellowship dinner was served along with music and entertainment. The event concluded around 12.30pm.

Hurrah for the Organizing committee for an successful event.


The Summarised Annual Report which was presented at The 27th Annual General Meeting of The Old Rajns Scout Association.

We are proud to celebrate today, the 27th milestone of our journey which begun in November 12th 1978. If we turn back towards our journey it is very clear how great the achievements and the services rendered by the Old Rajans Scout Association . The association is committed to keep up Lake View Park Scout Center at its best and assisting the College Scout Group at its every endeavourer. Further the association is the key to build relationships among the members. Whilst committing towards its objectives we would like to present the summarized report of the last year.

We wish to cordially welcome Mr Vijith Malagoda, Old Rajan- Old Scout – The Assistant Solicitir General Of Sri Lanka The Chief Guest for the event together with all distinguished guests, members and their families.

Executive Commitee

We were able to hold 10 executive committee meetings this year. In keeping with the objective to build stronger relationships among the members, we had several meetings with the participation of family members follwed with a fellowship dinner. We wish to thank Mr Dudley Amarasinghe, Lalith Kuathunga and Sarath Kothalawala and the Young members of the Association for organizing and sponsoring such special meetings.

The Life Membership

Thirteen members obtained the Life Mebership this year. Mr Dileepa Wijesinghe, S C Deshapriya, R M N Rajanayake, Akila Charles, E A N Weerakkody, K D P Hemachadra, R M I A B Rathnayake, C L B Pethiyagoda, V D B Heenkenda, B M Mendis, H M I U B Heartah, R D H U Harishrandra, A M N K B Senevirathne.

Religious Activities

The activities of the year started with a Pirith Preaching followed by an alms giving at The Lake View Park Scout Centre. This is the second consecutive year which this ceremony was organized jointly by the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group and the Old Rajans Scout Association.

Community Development Programmes

The Old Rajans Scout Association together with the the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group organized a relief aid programme for the Trincomalee District Deserters from the Tsunami disaster. We were able to build many sanitary facilities for the community with the equipment collected by us. Our Special thanks go to Major Ravidra Perera Of Sri Lanka Armay a Old Scout , Mr Sudarman Nadaraja of UNICEF organization for providing us with facilities to organize the project, and wish to thank all Old Rajans Scouts participated for the event.


As per the tradition, ORSA was able to organize both the Day Trip and the Two Day Trip this year.

The Day trip covered Norton Bridge, Lakshapana Reservoirs & Power Houses and Kithulgala. The participants were able to gain valuable knowledge about the power houses at Laxapana Power Station. Mr Aloka Perera Old Scout who works for the CEB has obtained authority to visit the power house and we wish to thank Mr D B Dissanayake – Mechanical Engineer CEB, Mr Senevirathne Of CEB and Mr S S B Karunarathne the Chief Engineer – Laxapana Power House for their assistance.

The two day trip covered Randenigala Reservoir, Badulla, Bandarawela, Haputhale and Nuwara Eliya. The group got an opportunity to visit the operating tunnel of the Randenigala Dam and to visit many important places on the areas visited. Our sincere thanks go to Mr Rohith aAruppola – Chief Engineer Randenigala Project, And Mr Thilak Jayasiri – Group Scout Leader St Thomas College Bandarawela for their assistance.

Traditional New Year Festival

The Annual New Year Festival organized by the association was held at Pallekelle Scouts Ground. This is manly aimed for the children of the members as an entertainment event. ORSA wish to thank the organiseres Mr Saliya Dhanayake, Mr Namal Palliyagruruge, Mr Gayan Gunawardena and the team for a very successful event. Further association thanks Mr Upul Dayananda, Mr Suminda Vithanaarachchi , Mr Darshana Samararathne for sponsoring the gifts and Mr Dasanasiri Dasanayake for providing the lunch.

Special Projects

The Association printed a school bag for the Dharmaraja College schoolboys. This enabled the students to obtain a bag with the College Colors and crest at a lower cost. It also enabled the association to raise funds. We thank Mr Shantha Madurawa, Mr Sadara Thennakoon and Mr Asitha Edirsooriya for providing the capital to start up the project. We suggest this project to be continued for the future as a fundraiser for the association.

Further the Association commenced operating a Communication Shop at the Lake View Park Scout Center as a Long term fundraising project.

Annual Cricket Match

The annual Cricket Match with The 1st kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group was held at Mahaweli Uyana Grounds at Aruppola. We wish to thank Mr Priyantha Molligoda Old Rajan for sponsoring the event and Mr Suminda Vithanarachi for coordinating the sponsorship. Further the association thanks the Scouts participated for the match.

Special thanks go to Mr Asitha Edirisooriya for providing the participants with lunch.

The Dharmaraja Founders Day

The annual alms giving organized by the Association to commemorate Mr Henry Steele Olcott the founder of Dharmaraja college, was organized at the Asgiriya Mahavihara for 110 incumbents. The association specially thanks the Principal for his assistance, the college staff, Mr Asitha Edirisooriya for organizing the event and the members & families participated for the event.

Lake View Park International Scout Center

It’s our sincere responsibility to protect and develop the Lake View Park Scout center the official Scout Center of the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group. The association is engaged in operating continuing projects to develop the park. This year the association organized a Tree Planting Project at the Lake View Park. Old Rajan Mr Kavan Karalliyadda donated us with valuable plants for the project; we wish to thank Mr Thissa Jayasinghe for providing us with residents of the Open Prison for assistance.

The Foreign Branches

We are presently operating branches in Australia, USA and Canada. The USA and Canada branches were formed in this year and we wish to thank Mr Shantha Madurawa for initiating ,the opening of branches and Mr Lalith Perera a resident old rajan scout for promoting the branches.

Further we wish to highlight the financial assistance provided to us by Mr Mahinda Bandara Godakale a scout parent employed in Italy.

Annual Inter Troop Competitions of 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group

The members were engaged in participating as judges for the annual inter troop competitions. However the member participation were low and we have to pay more attention for the event in coming years.

The Best Scouts Awards

The best scouts awards presented annually by the Old Scouts Mr S K Madurawa, Dr S Dolaphilla, Mr Asitha Edirisooriya, Mr Saminda Basnayake and Mr Aruna Gunasinghe were presented this year too. We wish to thank them for sponsoring the awards and wish to congratulate the scouts who obtained the awards.


The association congratulates Mr Sarath Mataraarachi Group Scout Leader for being elected as the Assistant District Commissioner – Kandy District and Mr Sarath Kumarasinghe for being elected as a Headquarters Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Scouts Association.


Our heartiest condolences for the following,

  • Passing Away of Mr H.M. Gunarathne – Assistant Scout Commissioner – Kandy District,
  • Passing Away of Mr W M A Bandara – Assistant Scout Commissioner – Kandy District,
  • Passing Away of Mother of Mr T.C. Mel one of our veteran members,
  • Passing Away of Father Of Mr Mahesh Ranathunge – Member ORSA,
  • Passing Away of Father in Law of Mr Sarath Mathaarachci- GSL and ORSA Patron,
  • Passing Away of Mother Of Mr D Dhanapala- Assistant Scout Commissioner – Kandy District,
  • Passing Away of Former Governor of Central Province – Mr Monty Gopallawa a well-wisher and promoter of Scouting movement.


We wish to thank Mr Vijith Malagoda Old Rajan- Old Scout, Assistant Solicitor General of Sri Lanka who participated today as the Chief Guest, The Principal Mr S M Keerthirathne who is always prepared to assist the association, Assistant Chief Commissioner – Sri Lanka Scout Association Mr Shantha Madurawa, The Group Scout Leader Mr Sarath Mathaaraarachchi, The President of Old Boys Union, Patrons of the Association. Members of the association and all who helped us in numerous ways.

Thanking You,

Yours In Scout Service,

Kithsiri Kuasuriya
Hony. Secretary

Sadara Thennakkon
Hony President

(The summarized report was obtained by the annul AGM souvenir)

The Annual December 31st Camp Fire 2005 - 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group

The Annual December 31st Camp Fire of the Dharmaraja Scout Group held at Dharmaraja College with the participation of Dharmaraja Collge Scout Group, Old Scouts Association and Parents.

The event kicked off with opening of the fire through a torch coming down on a cable, which was a spectacular view. The Group Scout Leader Mr Sarathath Mataraarachi opened the fire.

The scout troops performed Drama Items, songs and yarns. They were interesting and entertaining.

The GSL said that the year 2005 was a very successful year for the 1st Kandy Scout Group and the arriving year 2006 will bring more success to the 1st Kandy Group and the scouts and wished the group a prosperous new year, on his concluding note.

The fire concluded around 8pm in the evening.

Congratulations to the organisers for a very successful event.

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The Newly Appointed Office Bearers of the ORSA for the Year 2005-2006

The under mentioned executive committee was appointed at the AGM of ORSA held on 11th November 2005.

Hony. President – Mr Kithisi Kulasooriya - No 8/171, Devi Road, Watapuluwa, Kandy – 0777 478292

Hony. Secretary – Mr Aloka Perea – No 66/1, Vihara Road, Suduhumpola, Kandy – 0714 215506

Hony. Treasurer – Mr Suminda Vithanaarachchi – No 35D, Pandiwatte, Kundasale- 0777 841542

Vice Presidents:
Scout Development : Mr Amal Palliyagirige
Fund Raising Projects : Mr S S Gunawardena
Welfare : Mr Asitha Edirisooriya
Special Activities : Mr Jagahth Herath
Lake View Park Development : Mr Ajith Jayasekera

Asst. Secretary – Mr Suranga Liyanage
Coordinating Secretary – Mr Samantha Dharmadasa
Auditor- Mr Dasanasiri Dasanayake

Executive Committee:
Mr Dudley Amarasinghe
Mr Saminda Basnakaye
Mr Ravindra Perera
Mr Sadara Thennakoon
Mr Upul Dayananda
Mr Lalith Kulathunge
Mr Thissa Jayathilaka
Mr Pujitha Dharmarathne
Mr Saliya Dahanayake
Mr Tharanga Silva
Mr Upul Liyanagedera
Mr Prsanga Hemachandra
Mr Gayan Gunawardena
Mr Jaliya Pagoda
Mr Namal Palliyagiruge
Mr Chulla Pethiyagoda
Mr Aruna Gunasinghe
Mr Arosha Gunasinghe

By order of

Hony Secretary